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Do not disturb keeps turning on in pocket

I keep pulling my Zenfone 8 out of my pocket and finding it's in Do Not Disturb mode. I do have one scheduled instance set up for this, but that's overnight, and this keeps happening during the day. I can turn it off again with the pull-down notifica...


hello to every one,i have this seroius problem: the phone have a reset/shut down every time I connect headphones with a microphone and make a call.i had this problem in all the new software version, included the last one (android 12)is there any solu...

MSOutlook in Zenfone8 Android 12

Quite often, I will get Outlookn asking me to re-enter the passwords for one of my email accounts on the phone.its only on one of the accounts, its intermittent with no pattern as to when it will happen.The email account in question works fine els...

the_G by Star III
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ZenUI customization feedback (improve 1-hand use on Zenfone 8)

Hi,I just purchased an Asus Zenfone 8, which is the best bet for a high-end spec'ed "compact phone" on the market. Generally I'm really happy with my Zenfone 8, but a little UI customization would make it perfect!I read on Asus ZenUI page (cannot lin...

salkcin by Star I
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Wi-Fi connection stays active when mobile hotspot is activated

Hello,since upgrading my Zenfone 8 to Android 12 I am experiencing the following problem with my mobile hotspot: when I activate it, the Wi-Fi connection does not disconnect, which results in the hotspot traffic still being routed via the wifi connec...

belegdol by Rising Star I
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Notification light doesn't notify

I have recently bought a Zenfone 8 and am trying to set it up. The notification light works when I'm charging the phone, but doesn't light up for anything else, including SMS and WhatsApp. I have definitely set the notification LED setting to on, and...

Bug on the lock screen when using steady charging

I activated ultra steady charging and it shows approximately 2 hours to fully charge, but on the lock screen it shows that I'm using HyperCharge 30 and need 1 hour, 9 min until full as shown in the screenshot.Maybe asus can try to fix it, thank you...

screenshot-20220413-045520118.jpg screenshot-20220413-045609798.jpg

Resolved! Cannot access calendars in Android 12

My Zenfone 8 is running Android 12 (UL-I006D-ASUS-31.1010.0410.43-1.1.25-2202-user.zip). Using ASUS Launcher, I can add a widget - like Chronus.That widget cannot access my calendar, it just says there aren't any.I also installed Niagara Launcher an...

Resolved! Why can't I add widgets on third-party launchers with Android 12

I just got a Zenfone 8, and I updated it to Android 12 (UL-I006D-ASUS-31.1010.0410.43-1.1.25-2202-user.zip). I installed Nova Launcher, and I cannot widgets.Video: drive.google.com/file/d/10N5oYJ3oG_wWFjtLtrKT5C0awkV49P75/view?usp=sharingLooking at N...