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VoLTE Telenor still not in place

@Gustav_ASUS HiVoLTE for Telenor customers is still not in place, which is bad.Have started to use a Xiaomi phone instead due to voice quality. Had my hopes up for Asus, but was dissapointed in the end.....

Do not disturb - on beyond scheduled

I have noticed that since the most recent update (5 November 21), that the "Do not disturb" feature does turn on when scheduled (00:00), but does *not* turn off when scheduled (06:00).I am fairly certain that Do not disturb was scheduling correctly p...

compass7 by Star II
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Navegação por gestos

A navegação não funciona em cima do teclado, deveria ter opção nativa de ativar e desativar a navegação em cima do teclado.. Pois sou obrigado a usar um app para poder utilizar essa função que para mim é muito melhor e não atrapalha em nada na digita...


Bloqueio de Aplicativo

Bloqueio de app não tá funcionando no Google Pay.Ao abrir o app pede a biometria e em seguida entra sozinho sem ser nescessário colocar a digital para desbloquear.

Phone by Google

I installed the Google phone app by default, but in order to see the list of blocked numbers in the settings, I am asked to return to the Asus dialer with a frenzy. When installing on other phones of other Google phone companies, I have not seen this...

Dark Mode Forcing does not work

I am a big Dark mode fan and it worked flawlesly on my Xioami Mi 9T. On the Zenfone 8 I notice that the Dark mode is forced not at all or inconsitently. I want Dark mode Apps for all possible.I have dark mode always on (no planning). Forced Dark mode...

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