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Bug with required pre-installed applications

Rising Star II
Dear developers.
Please fix the bug with downloading a set of Russian software in the next updates.
(Kaspersky, Yandex Disk, Mir Pay, Odnoklassniki, etc.)

Which are installed during the initial setup of the device.

For example, when the device is already set up, and these applications are deleted, if, for example, you open the mobile network settings, these mandatory applications are immediately downloaded from Google Play.

This bug is present on android 11 and 12.
ASUS Zenfone 8


Star II
I confirm, I am also facing the same problem.

Rising Star II
I have the same problem. This annoying software install starts each time when you swich 4G/LTE aggregation settings or access to access points for mobile network.
I found temp fix how to do so, but I hope that ASUS can fix that on it's way in next firmware update. The problem is in "Device Configuration" app (android.autoinstalls.config.asus.pai).
adb shell pm disable-user --user 0 android.autoinstalls.config.asus.pai

Rising Star II
Please check comment above.

Rising Star II
Do you need any logs? Problem is that those regional software (yandex,, Kaspersky and etc) of 18 apps installs from Play Market each time I enter to SIM1 menu and try to change APN settings or 4G/4G+ aggregation switch.

Do you need any logs or video? How can we get rid of this problem?