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Giffgaff 'has no known provisioning website'

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Hi all
I have the same problem as another user reported; that report got no replies - and I'd link it but my notice status prevents that). That is: on Android 12, the following happens. Settings -> Network -> Mobile plan yields: 'giffgaff has no known provisioning website'. Is that normal? Even if it, it seems to stymie my attempt to perform 'manual roaming' (which, again, I'd link if I could), which is something that (because of a problem receiving SMSs) I want to do.

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I think I have found the answer. On my Zenfone-8 - but because it runs Android 12? - one can switch networks not in the way described above but rather by doing the following.
'Settings' --> 'Network & Internet' -> 'Internet' -> Ensure wifi off -> Click the cellular network to which you are connected -> 'Choose network'.

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