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Android12 wifi5/6 ?

Hi.I just upgraded internet from 100Mbits to 500Mbits but with Zenfone8 and Android12 i get only 250Mbits.Is this a bug-firmware or what? - How to fix it?

HyperC by Star II
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Android 12 RAM usage & app killing

I've noticed in Mobile Manager that A12 is using less RAM than A11. I can tell from launch times that it's also not holding apps in memory for as long. I haven't seen A12 go above 4.5 GB while A11 was always around 6.5 GB.Is this just the way A12 wor...

Android 12 notification dot swipe not working?

Recently upgraded to Android 12. Before upgrading I used to be able to tap and hold an app with a notification dot and swipe away specific notifications for that app. This feature isn't working anymore, has anyone else encountered this problem?

Quokka by Star I
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Adaptive Brightness

Asus should bring back the adaptive brightness option in the brightness slider because it was a struggle going to settings just to turn on and off the adaptive brightness.

Google Assitant

I don't know if it is a bug or not. Google Assistant won't work sometimes when you will say "Hey Google" or "OK Google". I need to restart the phone and retrain the voice model so that it will work. If I won't restart and retrain, I would hold press ...

Raw image for Android 12 on ASUS Zenfone 8

Hiis there a raw image for Anroid 12 for download available?Currently I use the raw image for Android 11 (WW-ZS590KS-; upgrade to the latest version of Android 11 and then upgrade to Android 12 if one of ...

bnsmb by Star I
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Hi,Sometimes my phone's get lag especially while unlocking my phone

It is 2022 - where .... is VOLTE?

When volte in poland will be enabled?What is the problem? Just enable options in settings/firmware.

pio_zen by Rising Star II
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ZF8 - periodical lag on video record

So i noticed that when filming and watching the videos there's a periodical lag in all my videos. I've tried different resolutions and Hz but still the same (HD is actually better but still lagg sometime). See video @ UHD 60Hz.What could the reason b...