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Zenfone 8 is missing the coolest Android 12 feature

Hi, our current ZenUI on Zenfone 8 does not have Material adaptive accent colours. As this feature is available on the new Zenfone 9 on Android 12, will it be available for us in future updates? 

How to revert icons back to their default look?

So i was messing with icon packs for a while, and after seeing many of them i've decided to go back to the default icons look, but i cant find an option to revert an icon back to its default image. The only way i know of is to reinstall individual ap...

orionov by Star II
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Bug when putting speaker on during calls

Hello everyone,I have a weird specific bug with my Zenfone 8 and I can't find equivalent reports online. Maybe I am phrasing it wrong. Here it is:Whenever I'm on a call, everyone hear me fine. However, as soon as I put the call on speaker, people onl...

Globus by Star I
  • 13 replies
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Audio treble silently changing for no reason

Hi everyne.I use my Zenfone a lot to stream music (spotify) connected to several bluetooth devices (car, earphones, stereo setup, etc) and I have noticed that from time to time the audio quality starts to sound "muffled" (low treble). Every time this...

afsilva by Star III
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audio wizard doesn't work anymore

Hi,I've just seen my audio wizard on Zenfone 8 is not working anymore. It says "dirac service is currently unavailable". Has someone the same problem?

Del59 by Star I
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Camera led shining weakly all time

Hi, today i wanted to use camera led as torch and at first it did not work...later it worked, but I found out that it is still on(shining very weakly) even when the mobile is turned off... is my motherboard faulty or my phone soon die ? ramdump or......

Zenfone 8 died in my hand

Eh... I charged the phone today, disconnected, went out, made a few photos. I was holding it in my hand. Suddenly I look at it - black screen. It does not turn on, hard resets combinations are not working. No LED glowing when charing. I need a workin...

michcss by Star II
  • 10 replies
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ZenFone 8 lifetime

I acquired my ZF8 a few months ago and am mega-pleased with it. So far. It is worrying that some users are reporting catastophic failure of the entire device after a short while - maybe around a year's usage? (Is something burning out?) I guess I jus...

fergusd84 by Rising Star I
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Ugreen Charger

Is it safe to charge zenfone 8 with Ugreen PD Fast Charger Moel CD137 20w ?

Fonseca by Star I
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My Zenfone 8 died today

Hi, in regard to some previous post in may 31st. Discussion on that post has been already closed (?) but the same happened to me today. My Zenfone8 just died. Fully charged, no fall, no hit, no apparent reason. Just during opening some app. Red led d...