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Проблема с Wi-Fi 5G. Asus Zenfone 8 и роутер Asus AX88U

Роутер Asus AX88U, смартфон Zenfone 8 перестал подключаться по WiFi 5 ГГц. Настройки сети сбрасывал, пробовал подключаться заново, но безрезультатно. При новом подключении Zenfone "видит" что есть сигнал Wi-Fi 6 от моего роутера (значок Wi-Fi 6), но ...

Can a User upgrade / re-install firmware from source?

I searched "asus zenfone 8 firmware" and reached the site!! I AM NOT PERMITTED TO POST THIS LINK OR ANY LINK AS I HAVE NOT BEEN AROUND LONG ENOUGH !!!! BUT YOU CAN GET THERE YOURSELF, I AM SURE ,, ,, !!The latest 3 firmware versions available for dow...

Serious issues with front camera after August update

Hello everyone,I can't pinpoint the reason, but apparently after latest update there is an issue with the front camera.It can't focusEverything is completely blurredWhen you take a picture, the whole phone screen goes white with brightness and max fo...

sdjanus by Star I
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Camera icon missing

At some point in the last week my camera icon - and several others - disappeared from my home screen. I could reinstall the other apps but not the camera. The app is still there if i search but it's not in the 'all apps' screen (swipe up).How do i ge...

Data mobile card Tunisia

Hello , my SIM card bought in Tunisia is not working. It is charged, checked in other phones and all is correct. I have been using data sim abroad with my other phone with no problems in the past. What can be wrong?

Background mobile data enable/disable

For some reason my phone will not allow applications to use mobile data in the background. What this means is that WhapsApp/Signal will not notify me of new messages. I have to expressly open the app to check for new messages all the time. I know thi...

Seit update geht die App Suche nicht mehr

Hallo zusammen!Gestern bekam ich ein Update, seitdem habe ich keinen Zugriff mehr auf meine app-suche. Also den Bildschirm, auf dem alle Apps aufgelistet sind und von dem aus ich Apps auf den Startbildschirm ziehen kann.Wenn ich jetzt Apps geöffnet h...