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A13 - bluetooth handsfree on car

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Two days ago i upgradet my Z8 from A12 to A13. Two days was all ok and now i have problem with my Bluetooth handsfree on my car. All is pair, incoming call ringing, i wud like incoming call recieve, this become but incoming call is connected about 1 or 2 second and then is rejected. Bluetooth Connection is stay. the other party can't hear my voice and I can't hear her. Pleas tell me what happen. Thank you

P.S. same problem is on Z9






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Solved. It is necessary to set Bluetooth AVRCP from version 1.6 to version 1.3 developer settings.

Rising Star II

I get an error also on display car with AA connected, but I can do the phone call till end, wheel commands are working also. 

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Community Manager
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