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Issue with display sensor and armory app

While dialing the call or while disconnectind the call, the display doesn't wake up and remains black.When I open the armory , the phone restarts. It all started after new update.

Regarding VOLTE in Singapore

Hi. I'm currently using starhub in sg,i have tried on other brands of mobile phone thats support VOLTE, I'm able to enable it, but no option in my zenfone 8 and probably not support VOLTE in sg. When I'm on a call and not able to my 4g to check in an...

Its Hard to say Bye for me

After waiting for almost 4 months and 2 weeks of launch of Zenfone 8/Asus 8Z in IndiaI finally gave up and bought S20 FE 5G.I am not sure how Zenfone 8 would have turned up for me but the Samsung smartphone is admirably good till now at every dept wi...

LED indication of calls and messages

An idiotic decision to make an LED indication on the end of the phone. No one probably puts the phone screen down, but it's easy to turn the phone away from yourself with the indicator. And how do you think you can see the incoming message. Every tim...

Resolved! Zenfone 8 build-in speaker(s)

Hi,want to know does Zenfone 8 have two build-in speakers or just one (at the top)?It seems the bottom "speaker" is just a bass reflex port (hole with no mesh).Could somebody from Asus R&D comments this?Please don't redirect me to the specs on the of...

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Compass spinning

Hi there,I'm having an issue with my Zenfone 8. I can't use the compass any more after updating to firmware version ran the test for the compass and the result was fine. I checked the sensor readings with the app GPS Status and the mag...


Kapan Z8 dijual resmi di Indonesia

Светодиодная индикация звонков и сообщений

Идиотское решение сделать светодиодную индикацию на торце телефона. Никто наверное не кладет телефон экраном вниз а вот повернуть телефон от себе индикатором легко. И как по вашему можно увидеть входящее сообщение. Я каждый раз меняя местонахождение ...