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Do not disturb mode

Star II
I use do not disturb (DND) with schedules. I use 2 schedules, weeknights (mo-fr) from 22:30 to 7:00 and weekends (sa-su) from 00:00 to 10:00. However often I see, or hear most of the time, the DND isn't switched on at the scheduled timeframe. I don't use DND manually (from the drawer-settings) and when I go to the DND settings and switch the schedule off and on again it does activate the DND mode when doing this within the timeframe.
I don't use bedtime mode, and no apps are allowed to interfere with the DND mode.
Are there other settings I am not aware off that could interfere with the DND mode? Or is this a bug in the system? Would love to see this fixed and don't get disturbed in the night.
I used these schedules on my previous phones and that worked great.

Rising Star II
In my case dnd works as intended - weekend and working days schedule.
Maybe check exclusions in settings - e.g. there is option to override dnd with alarm.

Zen Master I
Hi @markolree,
Could you share a screenshot of your current settings both for "Do not disturb" panel and for "Schedules"?

Star II
Sure can do that. Thing I noticed in regard to this issue; could it be the DnD mode is turned off while unplugging the charger. Yesterday I noticed the DnD kicked in as intended,.. My phone was charging on my nightstand and before going to sleep I unplugged it, since it was fully charged. But before dozing off I got a notification with all bells and whistles.