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Slow Download Speed Using Wifi

Hi Guys, I have a problem with download speed while using wifi connection in Zenfone 8. Download Speed is so slow. I also tried using Huawei Mate 30 Pro and got a normal download speed on the same wifi. Apperantly, this kind of problem not only app...

imamfa by Star I
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Front camera indicator on wrong side of screen

Hello, I am using the Zenfone 8 with Hebrew as my UI language. When using the selfie camera the black circle and green dot that are supposed are in the opposite side - meaning that instead of landing around the circular camera on the left, they are i...

wifi and hotspot zenfone 8 issue

it,s been for 4 month after i bought this phone, my spec was 16 ram 256 rom.i buy it by cost 3k ringgit malaysiai think more expensive more thoughnest it quality, but im wrong. just in 4 month the wifi and hotspot cant turn on. before it happen my ph...

4m5xF by Star I
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Video playback stutter? Asus Gallery

Hey guys, I took some videos today at school and when I was trying to watch them with my friend, my video playback kept stuttering and freezing at random parts of the video. I use the Asus camera app and Asus Gallery to take and watch my videos. Anyb...

Zenfone 8 service

Hi,last week my seller (from Croatia) sent my Zenfone to service. AutoFocus of Front camera didn't work.Now I dont know the status of my phone and when will I get it back.Can I get some info about service, and does someone know how long does it take ...

Moderator affiliation with Asus?

Are any of the mods here affiliated with Asus? It would be nice to actually get some information on the ramdump issue, it's starting to scare me. I would like to know what the issue is caused by, just to feed my curiosity, it won't help to stop it O ...

b0ttl3m4n by Rising Star I
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Zenfone 8 vs Rog 5 Best sound?

I just got my zenfone 8 one day ago and it was such an anticlimax. I love that it offers a 3.5mm jack and I have heard and read that the Asus Zenfone 8 should have top of the line audio. But it was worse audio than my old Samsung S20. But now when I ...

Picture in picture mode not working

I cannot get picture in picture mode to work at all on the zenfone 8. On google maps navigation and YouTube premium it just fails to launch the pop up window when you switch apps. With navigation it sometimes causes the phone to lag completely when i...

Are there people without ramdump?

today i've bought my new zenfone 8, i was leaving a xiaomi mi 10 because of proximity sensor problems and miui instability.read lots of reviews about zenfone 8 and all were enthusiasts... today after buying it i found a first post about ramdump, sinc...

I want to praise the video camera - see my example.

I fee like a quality of mobile videos don't don't get enough attention - in contradiction to photos. Typically when you see a review of a camera, only a small part of it is about video. Zenfone 8 shoots propably the best Android phone videos. I think...

rfk by Star II
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