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Navegação por gestos

A navegação não funciona em cima do teclado, deveria ter opção nativa de ativar e desativar a navegação em cima do teclado.. Pois sou obrigado a usar um app para poder utilizar essa função que para mim é muito melhor e não atrapalha em nada na digita...


Bloqueio de Aplicativo

Bloqueio de app não tá funcionando no Google Pay.Ao abrir o app pede a biometria e em seguida entra sozinho sem ser nescessário colocar a digital para desbloquear.

Phone by Google

I installed the Google phone app by default, but in order to see the list of blocked numbers in the settings, I am asked to return to the Asus dialer with a frenzy. When installing on other phones of other Google phone companies, I have not seen this...

Dark Mode Forcing does not work

I am a big Dark mode fan and it worked flawlesly on my Xioami Mi 9T. On the Zenfone 8 I notice that the Dark mode is forced not at all or inconsitently. I want Dark mode Apps for all possible.I have dark mode always on (no planning). Forced Dark mode...

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ASUS ZenPwer

I have two ASUS Zenpower but none of them would be charged. Any suggestion?

Pocket mode doesn't work?

Anyone else find this phone constantly turns back on in your pocket? I'm constantly finding my phone has pocket dialed work colleagues, messed up my shopping lists, added junk to my calender etc when it's in my pocket after I've turned it off. Someti...

Zenfone 8 - Dual band issues after update the last firmware

hello all. I have a problem, my phone (Asus zenfone cannot detect any 5ghz wifi band. And i try install any 3rd apps to detect any 5g wifi router on my place, but still cannot find any. so for the imply, i cannot use dual-band because it only detect...

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Cursor symbol

Hi, I have a very annoying cursor symbol appearing in the middle of the screen every now and again. It happens when the phone is on standby and there is also a heptic feedback at the same time. It happens over and over again unless I wake the screen....

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