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ZenFone 8 bugs/problems

Star II
So here are a couple of things that don't work right with my phone.
First the worst one, at least for me. First SIM, the one that can do 5G, loses data connection if I travel. If I don't, it seems fine. So if I wander around my own city, data connection seems to work fine. However if I travel say... 50km or more, my internet connection stops. The connection icon at the top of the screen shows that some data transmission is attempted, but I get connection reset errors or offline errors. If I switch the data connection to SIM2, it works fine. I haven't tested the second SIM in the same conditions (travelling more than 50km using only the data connection from that SIM). The thing is, switching back to SIM1 after checking whether data works on SIM2, I still have no data. The only thing that seems to fix the issue (given that I don't travel further) is to switch the preferred network type. If I switch from 2G/3G/4G/5G to 2G/3G/4G, both SIMs' data connection seems to reset, and I have my connection back on SIM1. I initially thought this is a 5G issue. No. It's a SIM1 issue. If I keep the connection limited to 4G, I still have the same problem if I travel. Switching back to 5G temporarily fixes the issue until I travel again. I run WW_30.12.112.65 now. I didn't notice this problem until a couple of versions ago. So whatever version was sent to the phone before *.62, THAT's when I noticed I started losing the internet while in my car. The date when that update was made was 20 Nov 2021. If it's of any relevance, SIM1 is Vodafone RO.
Second issue is I can't restore the backup of a twin WhatsApp. If I try to configure WhatsApp as a twin app, configuration goes fine if I don't restore the backup. If I try to restore the backup WhatsApp I get into trouble. The only option I have in the app is add a Google account, both when it checks to see IF there is a backup and then when it's trying to RESTORE the backup. The problem is when I try to add the Google account the second time, to restore the backup, I get an error that the account is already configured. But WhatsApp still does not give me an option to use the already configured twin Google account, I only get the "add account" option for the restore. So I get in a loop I can't escape, unless I quit configuration or skip the restore. I moved my second number, which had it's own WhatsApp conversations to ZF8. Unfortunately I can't restore those conversations using the twin app feature, so I stiil have to use a second phone for that.
If anyone has a clue, especially Asus, let me know.