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Android 12 beta 2 discussion

Hey,I just installed the beta on my ZF8 and saw that there was no discussion thread about this on the forum.I'd like to share with you my thoughts so far with the software, as it enabled a fully new experience for me with the phone, and most of the c...

flolaff by Star III
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Ugly wasted space under keyboard (Gboard, Swiftkey)

Hello,How to remove this ugly under keyboard space? Came here from Oneplus 7 pro, and in they OS there are option to hide this space. How to do in ZenUI? Cant find...Any help?

modval by Star III
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Fingerprint not working

Hello!I got my phone back for repair today. (flashing full ramdump).I haven't been able to try everything again. But the first step is that the reprint reader doesn't work, it's like it's not even in the phone, I can't set up a fingerprint anymore. H...

244463490-336783878219442-784828862611552-n.jpg 244728482-553884825697983-260909450895967623-n.jpg 245017506-628132161905101-1099866100744581479-n.jpg

Miracast/screen mirroring and overheating

Turning on screen mirroring lets the phone get really hot on the upper backside within two minutes so I immediately turned this function of. This issue should be forwarded to devs since this is not only inconvenient but moreover dangerous if you put ...

th_besch by Rising Star I
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5G and VoLTE

Hello,I bought this phone because i wanted small sized device that supports 5G. I changed carrier because of that. That carrier is POLKOMTEL - PLUS POLAND. Now i have phone with terrible battery life without 5G and VoLTE ( quality of phone calls is t...

Battery controller calibration

The battery percentage indicator behave litle bit strange. After disconnecting from charger the level drops very fast for  3% in 1- 2 minutes without doing nothing. But on low level 10 -15 % the phone keeps charge more time ( without turning on power...

cdr4 by Star II
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Three Major Issues

1. Ghost Touch - screen is extremely sensitive. Even leftover fingerprint stains make it worse. Several factory resets and cleaning the screen doesn't help.2. Overheats even from basic use (scrolling the internet, checking/answering messages, video c...

Jinni by Star II
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Asus ZenFone 8 overheating and battery drain issues

Hi guys, so iv had my ZenFone 8 for little over a day now and have encountered the usual complaints most people have, overheating and battery drain.This occurs in both idle and standard states, like just a phonecall makes it hot (which I'm sure reduc...

Siv by Star II
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Audio Wizard on Zenfone 8 - allow us to just turn it off

Hello,I'm sorry, but the AudioWizard is just bad on decent earphones. Maybe on cheaper earphones it makes sense.I tried AudioWizard with the following settings: Music profile, flat Equalizer, no earphone profile. That supposedly does not mess with au...