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Hotspot & WiFi is not working

Both Wifi & hotspot is not turn on From 4 to 5 days and still not working. its hard to use phone without wifi & hotspot please look ASAPMy net is too slow i can't working properly

screenshot-20211101-162453166.jpg screenshot-20211101-162440572.jpg

Zenfone 8 lens shaking noise!!

Hi guys,I've realised when I have the phone in my hand and when I put it down, there is a shaky kind of noise coming from the camera area it's almost like it comes from the lenses. If I put down like normal, but also if I just start shaking the phone...

How to mirror ZenFone 8 into a Windows 10 or 11?

Dear All I have a ZenFone 8 and I wish if possible to mirror my phone on my HP desktop with windows 10 or Lenovo laptop with windows 11 (both non Asus PC)......is that possible? If yes how should I do that? Thank you!!!

Clicking noise from camera/loudspeaker

Ever since I got back my Zenfone8 from the service (they replaced the display) there is a "clicking" noise audible randomly. I could not figure out what is causing it, sometimes it does it in every 1minute, sometimes it takes longer time, but its rep...

Two Questions Actually...

One: MyAsus on my Zenfone 8 will not start...how do I start it..?Two: I cannot register my phone. I keep getting an error about making sure the phone I'm trying to register is in "My Product" but it's not, there's nothing in there. I'm thinking this ...

Feature Request - Androids Multiple User

Is there any hope of enabling the "Multiple User" feature on the phone? Does anyone know how to enable it? It's usually in advanced settings on other phone but isn't visible on the ZF8.

What is it for?

Can anyone tell me what the output is, see attachment. The reason for this is that I stupidly pushed a paper clip into it, thinking it was for the sim card slot.The good news is that I didn't have a breakthrough.

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