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Asus 6z indian model having restart Issue

I am facing restart issue in my Asus 6z , I have been using it for 2 months there was no issue, After updating from 174 to 191 version i am facing auto restart issue and screen sometimes goes blank. If it is motherboard issue, why i did not face this issue for past 2 months, and suddenly facing after this software update?

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A firmware update does a lot of things that normally doesn't occur in daily life use.
But I'm not sure that you have the same "restart issue" as the others since your device is already 2 months old.
Can you please make a factory reset before you contact our support?

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@Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS Guys I really appreciate your views and your work...u are always polite and point to point...thanks for that. I think this motherboard issue is in every 6z and zenfone is just pop on whenever device is stressed beyond its limit 90 to 95% people do not use there device very heavily so are not affected yet but as soon as they do they will be affected and we are assuming that it is small group but it is not and each and every 6z and zenfone 6 are impacted due to this. As soon as asus will realize it...they will be able to fix it either by hardware replacement or through fireware by not allowing device to go beyond that limit. I understand correcting hareware and replacing is not that easy but still asus should have done something at fireware level to not allow device to go beyond that limit. This issue was reported with .167 and after that three fireware has been issues but still no remediate from asus and count is increasing this is just because they are thinking or trying to prove that onky small numbers are impacted. Guys we are mature enough we understand it happens and things keep may go wrong but attitude toward fixing is matter alot. Believe me this is what asus need now device will come and go but people respect attitude and believe me with right attitude asus can attract more customers. I am the person who was buying lumia just because of my love to nokia irrepective of OS and apps and n number of issue but there customer support was top notch...i remeber they replace my one lumia after 8month due to hardware key issue. You need to earn respect of customer. 6z is my first non nokia phone after years of love to nokia. I want to be with Asus like I was with nokia but after all its depends on asus and right now i have not seen a single effort from asus to atleast do something so that others are not impacted.
I hope you will convey my this message to your management and ask them to forward it to top management so that atleast they understand and do something on priority so that no new device impacted.
Keep going guys...I really like the way u both helping others and making customer happy but asus engeers and management need to still earn this respect.

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Thanks for your comment but I can assure you that there is no relationship between our firmware upgrades and the restart issue other than that it might trigger something that could just as well have happened during web browsing, gaming, or some other activity.
I'm still not sure that @master.turbotamil has the "restart issue". It might be some other reason to why his phone acts this way and that's why I hope he can try a factory reset first.
Some users like @Monark have reported that you just need to reset your phone and I believe the reason why this worked is because also he does not have the same hardware related restart issue as most others.
So far from the cases we've studied indicate that for those few (yes, I say few because while it may seem as many here on Zentalk
- in relation to global volumes , it is still very few from what we are seeing) unfortunate to get the issue, it would happen eventually anyway (and generally quite early on in the usage) - for those who have been using the phones for a longer period of time without issue - the specific restart problems are very unlikely to be the same root cause.

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Hi Guys!!. I am exactly facing the same below issues:
1. Phone restarts on its own sometimes and
2. While using phone suddenly screen goes blank(it still feels the touch but doesnt wakeup) and i need to forcefully press power button to wake up the screen.
I waited for this phone for so long and now it's hurtful to see these issues in my phone. If anyone can help, appreciate it..!!