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Doesnt respond and hangs(Serious issue)

Suddenly asus 6z stopped responding,it has happened before it took 10minutes for it to restart and function again...its not the first time,i pointed this out earlier but no body seem to liaten...look at those videos i can do nothing except going to s...

prashanth by Rising Star II
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Appearance and Music player

Is there a way to change the (I know clean android but kinda boring after a while) Zen ui to the Rog ui?(official way) I would love to have that option, I have the ZenFone 6 (ZS630KL) the phone works perfectly, also It would be nice to have a switche...

Phone heating up

My phone is heating up with minimal usage.  Also while playing pubg my phone got warmed up like anything and the phone switched off nd starting restarting on its own for a couple of minutes . Finally turned on after 5 mins . Whats wrong with this dev...

Phone feature suggestions

Hi,Have been really excited about this phone, however there are several basic things that are lacking with this phone.Essential improvements:1. The ability to use the wide angle camera lens in 3rd party apps. It would be nice if we could switch the c...

nphan82 by Star II
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Hi,Can we have an ultra night mode like the one in oppo reno2z. The results are amazing and it will be great to have it on asus 6z.

sankesh by Star III
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Unable to receive app notifications

So I've noticed that I'm not receiving notifications from some apps lately (For eg Splitwise ). Its not the problem with the app as its working correctly on other devices but I think ZenUI is suppressing the app notification in some way. @CH_ASUS @An...