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Asus 6z indian model having restart Issue

I am facing restart issue in my Asus 6z , I have been using it for 2 months there was no issue, After updating from 174 to 191 version i am facing auto restart issue and screen sometimes goes blank. If it is motherboard issue, why i did not face this issue for past 2 months, and suddenly facing after this software update?

Rising Star II

Hi Guys!!. I am exactly facing the same below issues:

1. Phone restarts on its own sometimes and

2. While using phone suddenly screen goes blank(it still feels the touch but doesnt wakeup) and i need to forcefully press power button to wake up the screen.

I waited for this phone for so long and now it's hurtful to see these issues in my phone. If anyone can help, appreciate it..!!

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The issues u mentioned were present earlier but they have fixed it with updates ,are you on the latest update
If u are then do a factory reset ,dont backup from gdrive and check if the problem persisits
All those issues are known and should be fixed with a reset