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Rooted Zenfone 9 | Not charging except fast charging| Update fail

Star I

I am facing these ridiculous problems with my zenfone 9.

The phone wont charge unless it is PD supported fast charger. So cant charge with USB A to type C cable and/or with any regular non PD supported charger. Also when connected to computer via cable, it would not connect most of the times. Sometimes, when it would connect, the computer wont recognize it. I have already tried cleaning it. Once it started charging with a non PD cable/charger after a restart. a couple of times it was detected by the computer (but not recognized) after I restarted on safe mode and then regular mode.
I think its some software bug so I am trying to update to A14 and hopefully fix it.

I have rooted this phone previously, so I cant update the via OTA. I copied the firmware to the internal storage. It is detecting the update zip file automatically. But the update is failing.

How to fix these problems. Kindly help. Until the connector/detection issue remains fastboot/adb solutions are out. I have TWRP recovery though


Star III

Same Problem. No solution available. Not the first zenfone device to have this problem. Apparently, forums are filled with this issue (that occurs with asus only), yet there isnt any solution available