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Camera focus problem

Star I

1.  AI2202

2. WW_34.0304.2004.108


4.All the time

Hello! I have a very annoying problem with my main camera focus. Is only focusing properly on the low distance things, everything what is far like not even one meter is blurry.

The focus is working well untill 0.9 X zoom,after is starts to lose the focus.

If I set it to PRO mode and then manually change the zoom up to 1,0 or higher from lowe is works perfect.

As I can see is can't be a hardware issues cause is can work. 

I can handle that to use only manually mode but when using any other apps ( like Snapchat, messenger) is impossible to modify this.

Please can I get help with that? I bought this phone brand new...

Did hope is gonna work well after the newest update but unfortunately is doesn't had any update with this.

I can not send the phone for RMA cause need to use it for work and have no any other.


Really please for help, i tried to hard reset as well.

Is should be fixable somehow cause the cameras can work normal! 



Hi @lukes4,

Could you please share a picture where you noticed the lack of focus?

Similar problem

But in my case it can't focus even using PRO mode