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After new update. 189

Rising Star I
Head phone jack output not solved even by this new update (. 189). Head phone jack output stop working after you change any mode in audio wizard... This was came from previous update  yet not solved.. Please do something for it cause every time I change mode in audio wizard I have to restart the phone. Second one is youtube navigation control doesn't disappear by it self like it happenes in any other mobile. In 6z we have to click on the cross mark which comes just beside the navigation bar. This issue is also came from last update only... Please solve this as it irritates lots... And thanks for this update cause it solved the problem of automatically Camara flipping in whatsapp call.. It was headache for me... Hope you guys will respond on these issues...

Rising Star I
yeudi8j7reul.jpg this is the problem with youtube

Zen Master I
Youtube works fine to me and audio wizard doesn't break or pause anything.

Rising Star II
Well i can confirm that even before .189 and after flashing .189 my headphones never stopped working when changing audio modes in audio wizard. Even right now i am listening to earphones and changed the audio modes a few times...

What i can confirm is that audio wizard does not work when listening to amazon music. It works however on other apps like jiosaavn etc. 

Rising Star I
@kikoly can you tell me why it's happening for me only??