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Zenfone 9 BİG ISSUES what iş happened about ASUS COMPANY?

Star III

Zenfone 9 16 GB ram 256 GB memory

Android 14

Version 34.0304.2004.108 

What is happened in ASUS COMPANY? 

I use Asus phone last 10 years. Zenfone 9 is very good phone about eguipment. 

Camera good But camera software very very bad. You can not take a good photo ,  Zenfone 5z better then zenfone 9.

There are many problem and phone is not stable work.

After Android 14 mobil data not work , Sim card not work stable no body can call me. I could not call somebody too. 

 I download Version 34.0304.2004.108 on

3 /04.2024  . After  I could not use  my zenfone 9 and I had start to use my zenfone 5z.  

I wrote many times in Zentalk platform. I saw many Asus users too complain write about zenfone 9 and android 14 problems.

Why Asus COMPANY not interested with us?

Why Asus COMPANY did not solve our problems? 

How many months we will wait for solving our phone problem and when we will start to use our phone?

Now my zenfone 9 wait somewhere in home. Every day I check my phone May ve New update will come. But update is not come!

Our money in waste.

Asus COMPANY now for me dissapointment. 

Last Asus zenbook too very bad. Voice not work. 

What kind of company sell phone and that phone after update not work and company not solve that problem 3 months? 

I think Asus COMPANY will bankruptcy !







Hi @abdullah_kara,

I have replied to your other post. Could you please provide the information?

Just give us the stable and best FW version rather than 2004.108 and you guys can go ro focus develop to the another fvckin zencrap.

Don't just hang it ZF9, we are so tired to waiting the uncertainty from you guys. Such a blind and deaf.

I agree with you. Specially should be better software about camera and  Android 15 and other  update should continue.

Rising Star I

Unfortunately, the latest version has many errors and problems, I already wrote about it here in another thread. I also occasionally have a problem with calls, but restarting the phone always fixes it. But it is not a frequent phenomenon at all, about once every two to three weeks.