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Dead Zenfone 8 Revive

Rising Star I

Hey, as we know now for sure the Zenfone 8 has a problem which i think is cause you got some nice brick update i would like trying to help. First of all its really important that check if:

Did it make any sound when connecting it to a computer ?

Get the device recognized in Windows device manager, and if so pls make a screenshot what you got if you connect it.

If you could give me this information i could help. I think its just some weird software bug and not a motherboard issue. Also it could be it if they send some **bleep**ty update that fried something but i don't think that happened.


I for myself downgraded straight to 12 after hearing that.

12 Runs good it has good battery backup and i have a straight line when in deep sleep.

Can give you that if you want it, for now i wont post any links to see if anyone is even interested.



Rising Star I


Would you send me some screen shot what are you thinking and talking about?

What is your hypothesis about the problem? You could send me privately.

My phone works, but i think these devices are stuck in emergency download mode, maybe some update soft bricked it and i want to see if people really have this, but for proof i need to see if it gets recognized in windows under a specific driver in device manager.

I'm pretty sure I still have everything in a folder (platform_tools, prog_firehose, usb drivers) if people want to try and recover in EDL mode. I went there did that, it didn't solve the issue for me. I hope you are right and everyone is just mistaken about their device and able to get their data back. I was not... 

For anyone wondering, if you can get to fastboot you can enter and leave EDL mode at will with a simple ADB command.

Let me know if you want the files I'll look and see if I have them tonight.

My phone eventually became unbootable after many attempts at recovery both in and out of EDL mode. I do suspect it was a hardware fault as eventually it wouldn't even register in Device Manager.

Did you had the loader for the zendone ? Without it commands for edl will not work, gladly i have them and already know how to use it