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Wi-Fi and Hotspot not working

Star II

I am user of Asus Zenfone 8. Wi-Fi and hotspot doesn't work suddenly about 1 week ago. and now my system is android 13.

The warranty has ended 2 years ago. I tried to follow FAQ for troubleshooting but still does not work.

What should I do? Can I get additional warranty?


Star II

Hi Jeffrey

I did what your said. and now my Wi-Fi and Hotspot can work!
I can't thank you enough. Hope your day's going well.

I will share how I solved this:
1. Resetting network settings
2. Booting into Safe Mode
3. Resetting network settings (in Safe Mode)
4. Turn on your Wi-Fi and Hotspot. It will work.

I hope this can help others too..

If your Wi-Fi and Hotspot can work, you can exit safe mode by restart you phone.

Thank you! 😭

Actually only resetting the network settings without safe mode solved "hot spot not working" for me. Wi-Fi was fine anyways.

For those who don't know where to find this setting, it's in System > Reset Options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth. 

Rising Star I

Try what fylife posted above!!!