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Battery Charge slow 420 mA

Good Morning. My phone has stopped charging fast sometimes charging for 8 hours has anyone had this problem? I did an ampere test and gave 420mA when charging I find very little. Before asking the smart charger is disabled.  ASUS Zenfone 6, 8gb ram, ...

Rodolfo by Star I
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File manager crashing after last update

File manager is repeatedly crashing when i deleting or copying something on sdcard but it is working fine in internal storage after the last update so i can't do anything on sdcard pls fix this

Selfy Camera Should not open until and Unless ,I should Open it.

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help: If You will open the comment section in facebook and try to attach Image then select camera will automatically Open.Camera Should only Open ,When I will give Command. If You see there is a...

After new update. 189

Head phone jack output not solved even by this new update (. 189). Head phone jack output stop working after you change any mode in audio wizard... This was came from previous update  yet not solved.. Please do something for it cause every time I cha...

Camera Fixes / Suggestions

I have some camera fixes request.48MP MODE FIXES:1.) When in 48mp Mode it appears there is no CC13_BPS Calibrations so raws appear to be desaturated2.) not sure if there is anything that can be done here but sometimes point the camera in a high DR Sc...

defcomk by Star II
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Resolved! Kiedy Asus 6 będzie dostępny w sprzedaży w Polsce?

Przed poproszeniem o pomoc przekaż nam kilka podstawowych informacji:Nazwa modelu:Wersja oprogramowania:Ukorzenione lub nie:Częstotliwość występowania:Nazwa aplikacji i wersja aplikacji (jeśli problem dotyczy aplikacji):Oprócz powyższych informacji, ...

Zoom functionality for still pictures limited

 When l view a picture I'm able to zoom into it. But it is not possible to zoom into all areas. Especially objects located at edge of picture can't be zoomed in / enlarged. Please rectify. Otherwise, I'm very contented with this device.

About latest update.

@Anders_ASUS I heard there is a new update came this week (189?) ,will it be available for Indian users? Like you have said before, will it be updated in batches? 

Saran by Rising Star II
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Media volume steps

Could the media volume steps be increased to have better control over the volume level https://github.com/LineageOS/android_device_asus_I01WD/commit/eeacb158bfc969a33c5c9776026785ebd2522cbd

mosimchah by Rising Star I
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