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ASUS 5z slow charging speed after January security patch.

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Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: Version WW-
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Last edited by nickbipul on 2019/2/28 06:49 I have suddenly been experiencing slow charging on my ASUS 5z after January security patch before i get my ASUS 5z charged up in just a hour but now it takes more than 2 hr to fully charged. Now it seems like fast charging have been switched off with the update.i request asus to please see this matter and fixed it as soon as possible...

I have ASUS 5z and it's working well but last update give me so bad experience the update billed no. WW- that update I have same problem face it's  1. Slow changing problem it's take 4hr to 10%to 100%  changing  2. Problem was double screen open than restart the all page and 3. One is slow internet facing on my phone now what I do . Fast  i do factory reset sameone suggest me I done that but I face the same problem than I wait for new update  now it's come  the billed no.  I update it but I face a same problem in charging. But double screen problem it's solve but big problem was not solve so now what is do to that problem to solve  and my phone working well please help me.  Please release a update to fix this slow changing problem help. Me 😞😞

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I am on and experiencing a very slow charging. Since I bought this phone, I never changed adapter or any setting. Untill recent update it was charging quite fast and now it takes looooong to recharge ....very painful 😞

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How can you guys be so irresponsible at asus. We have been facing this issue right from .181 jan update. How can you not fix such a major bug. I would be forced to sell this device else. Bye bye Asus forever.

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Emilee_ASUS posted on 2019/3/14 14:43 Hi All, Good day.
Will you please give us a fix for this issue ??

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More than a month since the problem has been brought to Asus knowledge and still no solution.