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Zenfone 10 thoughts

Star I

I'm getting one whenever the US version comes out. Just wanted to say how happy I am they aren't providing more than 2 years of software update. In my experience it's the software updates that break my phone. It's why I've been through 2 phones in 2 years. OnePlus Nord n10, and now on a pixel 6a. The Nord had so many issues in the end I was restarting my phone multiple times per day, and my pixel dies so quickly I end up charging it 3 times per day. Both OnePlus and Google are/were touted for their software. Each device has had more issues the more updates I've had. Give me security and then leave me alone. I don't need fancy new features on old hardware. Do a 6 month bug fix and then leave it alone if there's nothing pressing. I don't want them, I don't care the rest of the world is screaming about wanting more. Keep software updates low and give the security ones please.