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How is your SOT on Zenfone 10?

Saw videos and reviews saying that it is "battery king" and "battery life is not bad". I am coming from the S22 which has really **bleep**ty battery life => I have to carry a power bank in case it dies after work around 6pm. I couldnt pay for taxi on...

Some apps do not load data connected to wifi

Hi,I have a problem with some apps not loading data when connected to wifi until i turn wifi off and on. Examples:- Google translate on other apps. If i select a text and try to translated, the window of google translate remains waiting for the trans...

Da_ny by Star III
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sw bug at fw 33.0220.0220.101

hi, found that can' t see power off menu with "system preferences" set to asus optimizedcan try to tap on display and with luck i can choose reset / off no problem at stock android  

huvi by Star III
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Moderators left you speechless?

No statement yet....its November !!!!!Let lightning strike you moderators when you **bleep**!

x2u by Rising Star I
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Nowa aktualizacja 33.0220.0220.101

03.11.2023 telefon otrzymał nową aktualizacje 33.0220.0220.101Telefon bardzo  mocno się  nagrzewa i przestaje działaćWielokrotnie telefon się zawiesza i nie można z niego korzystaćWcześniej takich objawów nie miałTelefon używam od lipca 2023 

[Hotspot and tethering] Option missing : Allow clients to use VPNs

Hello,On my previous Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 phone, there was an option in the Hotspot and tethering menu, called "Allow clients to use VPNs", which permitted tethering clients (from Wi-Fi hotspot, USB or Bluetooth) to use my phone's VPN connections....

Contact save bug on keypad

I cannot click ok to save contact because the ok button hide by keypad on swipe gesture navigation mode, I must swipe back to find the ok button ,and that annoying please fix this Updating Media 


Android 13 Split screen bug

Is there a place where I can file a bug on SysUI?Since I don't know where, I'll post it here. Description:The first app on split screen retains it's window even on recent apps screen. There are no options to close the app, and the issue also blocks u...

cAmiat by Star I
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Still NO ASUS "Unlock Device App"??

Hello,As a long-term customer of Asus devices, I am honestly baffled by the fact that Asus simply cut the possibility of unlocking the bootloader for (not only) the Asus Zenfone 9.I consider this a major setback for myself as I fully intended to take...