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Zenfone 10 vs S23

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Hello, I have an old dying samsung phone and am looking to get a new one. I can trade it in to ATT and get an S23 for a significant discount, but I've been thinking about the zenfone, and wanted to know if its worth the extra money Id have to pay to get one since ATT doesnt let me trade in my phone for it. Thats my main conundrum, I think both phones are good w pros and cons, but Idk if Zenfone worth paying more for.

Im in the US, n I also wonder what y'alls experience with ATT and Zenfone 10 is.

I also want to know, can you customize it with 3rd party fonts? It may seem silly but I made my entire phone use the minecraft font, really love it and want my new phone to have the same font as well lol. Since the minecraft font isnt available in the samsung store though I had to use a 3rd party app (#mono_) to get it to work, would I be able to do the same w a Zenfone 10?

What I use my phone for? For camera: occasional nature photography, lots of cat pics. For rest 99% of times I use my phone to read books, manga, etc. or watch youtube. So maybe the most intense thing on my phone is the 28372828 tabs I have open in firefox at once rn. Chrome also poops istelf with just 10 tabs open but its a well known ram eater so Im not surprised.


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dont buy zenfone 10!!!!!! no software updates.....bad unloock!!!!! asus verry bad support!!!!!!! android 14 **bleep**!!!!

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I don't own the Zenfone 10, I have a Zenfone 9, but I just wanted to chip in that Fotzenspion, despite his unpolished written language, is essentially spot on as far as I have experienced when it comes to Asus' software support for their phones.
While I myself have not seen any software issues, I see on forums that they do occur.  The main source of Fotzenspion's ire, however, I think is that they have for the better part of a year, now, withheld the option to unlock the bootloader on all of their phones. This was an advertised feature and a selling point for many which they have retroactively removed.  They have furthermore seemingly completely removed the possibility of flashing older ROMs if you happen to experience issues with a newer ROM.  They have removed all but one downloadable ROMs from their website and stopped updating that version, leaving it over half a year out of date.  This is especially egregious since these downloaded versions are the only source of updates for anyone with an unlocked bootloader, and it leaves them without security patches for Android.

So yeah, overall I fully agree with Fotzenspion's sentiment on ASUS' support for their phones.  In their current state, I could not in good conscience recommend buying an ASUS phone.

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Forget about Asus. The worst support at all.