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Camera Options To Save As HEIC

Hi, are there options to save image as HEIC in Asus camera? If no, is it planned on future updates? I think it is important so we can safe storage space of our phones.

ZenOh by Star I
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Where i can send few bugs/tips?

I found a few bugs using Zenfone 10.First issue is when im trying to add a new contact to sim, the ok button is hidden, u need to first hide keyboard.Second is when im using Google Calendar there is lack od "return button".Dunno if i should report it...

Lack of ZenFone 10 cases

Like others have noticed, one of the biggest downsides of owning a ZenFone is the lack of cases. To change this, we need to let case manufacturers know that there is a market for them. I suggest that all of us reach out to case manufacturers and ask ...

bents1 by Star I
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Zenfone 10 proximity sensor ain't working during phone call

I have an issue, where the proximity sensor ain't working during a call. When I answer a call and put the phone close to my ear, the screen is not disabled (or active), ain't like the usual type of proximity.I tested the proximity sensor, and during ...

ir99292 by Star I
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Best time/place to buy US z10

I'm interested in purchasing a zenfone 10 however I'm not exactly keen on the price as im not willing to spend $700 on any phone (currently using a $250ish,four year old Nokia) and I'm wondering based off of previous years when would be the best time...

Second SIM time schedule proposal

Hi,I would like to propose the idea of configuring a time schedule in the second SIM, so in case of having no PIN it can be working automatically only during certain hours.For example, in my case i use the second SIM for the job and i only want it to...

Da_ny by Star III
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Pocket mode only activates in lock screen

Basically the title.Pocket mode on the zenfone 10 seems not to activate when the screen is unlocked. I can fully cover the top of the screen with an object but the screen still reacts to all touches fine. When in locked state the phone shows the pock...

Ts8g18 by Star I
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Resolved! Is it possible to fix an issue with ZenFone 10 using this forum?

Hello,I'm creating this thread because I am curious if it is possible to report, recreate and hopefully fix an issue with the ZenFone 10 via this forum. I'm asking that question, because I recently created a thread about, in my and some other users o...

Skwara by Star III
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