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Resolved! Diagnostics

the diagnostics does not work properly. The camera, all tests, as well as charging, do not correspond to reality.

Whatsapp - Voice message is Low sound volume

Hello experts,See if you can help.  It is Low sound volume when I am recording voice messages using the phone built-in microphone.*See attached screenshot, the sound bar level is thin, it should be thicker (means louder).FYI:- the microphone function...

SunDuck by Star I
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Resolved! Syndor flipfont

Is there a way to remove this from the phone? It won't update at all. I really don't care to use it, maybe in the android 14 images this can be removed altogether or set so it can be removed or disabled? 

v3l0ct by Star III
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Light sensor occasionally stops working giving "no data from sensor"

Asus Zenfone 10, Android 13, build WW_33.0220.0220.75 (recently updated).Hello,I recently observed an issue with my ZenFone 10. At some point the screen got very dark, but the brightness bar was still at a bright setting (around 50%). I am on automat...

Skwara by Star III
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Do you think Zenfone 10 is better then S23?

I have S23 base model. I am satisfied with the phone, but some things like stuttering in the UI animations, not that good battery life and the most important - more compact size make me want to change the phone.However...Samsung has great update poli...

skibi by Star I
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Bug zenfone 10

Greetings. I wanted to report a bug on the Zenfone 10 after the last update. In the "battery usage" screen, the hours of screen on are no longer displayed...

Fingerprint unlock issues

I have recently started having issues with the fingerprint not working. Sometimes it was wonky, working 75% of the time, but right now it pretty much stopped completely. Has anyone had a similar issue? I will probably get it replaced (the phone), so ...

Longer OS updates

In light of the Pixel 8 announcement where Google commits to 7 years of updates, and Samsung providing 4 OS updates and 7 years of security updates. Will Asus commit to supporting the Zenfone 10 for longer than the promised 2 OS updates and 4 years o...

test2 by Star I
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I would also like to suggest for asus to add this SCAN function on their camera app. So we can scan documents and directly saved in gallery. Will be easier for us to do work. Also maybe asus can improve their image quality Processor to look more natu...

ray12 by Star II
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Zenfone 10 on italian forum

Hi,Why isn't there yet a section for the Zenfone 10 in the Italian version of the Zentalk forum?