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Zenfone 10 Android downgrade from 14 to Android 13

Star I

Yesterday I put some MP3 files on my Samsung USB-C flash drive formatted with exFAT only to discover that now my Zenfone 10 which was upgraded to Android 14 no longer recognizes that format.

After struggling to find a way to format my USB stick to FAT32 in Windows, I'm thinking of downgrading to Android 13.

Is there a way to do it?

Why did Google removed exFAT support? Now it feels like using an Apple product with reduced compatibility.


Star II

There is no way to downgrade the firmware. Exactly like the firmware itself, only the latest version is presented on the site. And all because of the fact that Asus is afraid of something.

Yes that's what I noticed.

Switching from Sony Xperia phones this is really dissapointed not giving the users the option to downgrade, I might not buy another Asus phone in the future.

Star II

Android 14 on the ZF10 sucks. I only wanted to upgrade because I wanted to use the camera as a webcam with USB (natively that is, without using Droidcamx and less delay) but since the phone is USB 2 then no luck. Your issue is just another one. The main one I have right now is that I got a massive burn in in the middle of the screen, then another is that I can't swipe to switch between apps, only with the latest one (something I REALLY used), and probably more. This just sucks.