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Firmware releases

Hi, Will the .75 update be released as a full firmware?It seems it took less than a week for the .52 update to release as firmware, while the .75 has been an update for weeks without firmware. 

Best way to sell zenphone 10?

I bought a Zenphone 10 in the summer (end of July) and whilst it's a great phone and still in excellent condition, I've been given a new iPhone which I'll use instead so I'm looking to sell the zenphone. I've had a look on Backmarket and other places...

A different lockscreen exists on the Zenfone 10?

Hello,I am using the "Wake screen on notification" option. I recently observed, that the lock screen that is visible, when the screen wakes for the notification is different than the regular lock screen. I base this on the fact, that this "waking" lo...

Skwara by Star III
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Zenfone 10 sudden battery drain

Hello, I've recently returned to Zenfone with 10th iteration after a year break from Zenfone 8, but I see the same issues popping up.I've left my phone on wireless charger only 5 hours ago, it was at 77% with battery settings set to stop at 80%. Now ...

Ravain by Star II
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Security updates

What is the policy with android security updates/patches at Asus?  It's October and the android patch version on my Zenfone 10 is still from august - which is annoying.   I expect regular security updates when paying this much money. What are others ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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display does not appear in battery history

hi,when going to the android battery history screen, there is no entry for "screen", disallowing me from seeing the current screen on time for this charge.is there a way to see this or turn it on? has it been omitted?best

warms by Star I
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Resolved! Cant connect Bluetooth HR monitor

Can't connect my Polar H9 HR monitor to Zenfone 10 via BT.It connects, asks for pairing (and allow access to contacts and call history, lol), then after few seconds gives message "Couldn't pair with because of an incorrect PIN or passkey".I see it in...

Ershin by Star III
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Reinstalling the existing operating system/OS recovery software

Hello I bought the zenfone 10 about a week ago.Unfortunately, about two days ago the device just turned off by itself in my pocket for no reason.I was only able to turn it on after holding down the power button for 15 seconds.Bad startSince I did a n...

yoadfe by Star II
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