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Twin Apps WhatsApp problems

Star I

Twin Apps function doesn't work properly with WhatsApp at all. It doesn't allow me to synchronise messages nor is showing any contacts (all permissions turned on). When picking an account to import data it doesn't show the ones I'm already logged in as within Google and when trying to use "add a new account" option it says that the account has already been added to this device... Catch 22... Twin app for WhatsApp is completely unusuble. (Sorry, the pictures are in Polish but I'm sure you'll get the idea) 



Hey @werjany,

Can you please provide some clarity-
Does the user want to use the Whatsapp clone to log in to the Google account? Or are there other operational issues in WhatsApp?

- If you need a clone to log in to your Google account, you can go to Advanced→Apply clones→Menu in the upper right corner→Clone account to log in.
- If it is other operations in Whatapps, can you please tell me which operation has the problem?