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zenfone 10 audio output problem

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hey guys, any of you have zenfone 10, I read somewhere that the zenfone 10 quality of audio output from the headphone jack is poor because the phone uses default equalizer which cannot be disabled. that means if I want to switch over from my s9, and use my sennheiser iems they will sound worse on the zenfone 10. how is your experience ?? I will just buy the s23 if that is the case


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The equalizer can be disabled easy.

I moved from Sony 5II, it isn't phone with a DAC, but Sony sounds louder than Zenfone, I have 22 Om impedance and 107dB/mW sensitivity IEM, so on Sony is enough 40-50% volume for me, on Zenfone 10 I put 90%... So yep, the sound isn't very loud, but the quality is on good level, not better than others phones today and not worse than others.

If you want to upgrade sound in the future, Zenfone support Ldac and aptx , so you can choose some good bluetooth headphones or tws with Ldac.

You can too take from Ali some DAC to connect iem. I have one for ~100$ with 4.4 balance out (I love it more than 3.5 jack) and there's great sound. So you can buy it too and not care about good or bad 3.5 jack.

I chose Zenfone 10 because aptx Lossless codec. There is almost no tws or headphones with this codec today, but I hope for the future releases.