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China Phones Xiaomi much better support then ASUS!

To date, no statement from Asus regarding the bootloader tool... not even the beta update Android 14 is available for all regions. Updates and support from every other manufacturer are worlds better see xiaomi, motorola.....samsung.... I'm very disap...

x2u by Rising Star I
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Reverse wireless charging on AZ10?

Hi, on some sites i found that this phone has that feature, so wanna know is that true? Because i didnt found an option to turn it on in settings. Seems that there are no reverse charging?

Message access advanced feature supported - what is that?

Hi All,Each time I enter to my car (Skoda Superb) just after launching Android Auto I have the message "Message access Advanced Feature Supported - Re-pair for Advance Message access Feature". What is that? Does it mean something is incorrect?Arek

arek2 by Star I
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Is a switch from iPhone 13 Pro to Zenfone 10 worth it?

I switched from Samsung Galaxy S9 to iPhone 12 mini in 2020, then to the iPhone 13 Pro because of the battery. Now I am considering going back to Android because quite frankly, I am fed up with the bugs iOS has. Right now as I am typing this the stan...

mehdi7 by Star I
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Skip music when screen is off and locked

I am searching for a solution to skip tracks when the screen is off besides the inbuilt screen gestures, which are quite impractical, when the phone is in my pocket. I have tried the Volumee app and macro apps like MacroDroid and Automate, where the ...

kojagi3 by Star I
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Volume Button Launching Camera?

Hi,I've had my Zenfone 10 for a couple of months now and I've set it up so double tapping the power button launches the camera, however, I've also noticed that double tapping the volume button launches the camera, which I don't want to happen. I've l...

yansar by Star I
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Bluetooth delay zf9/10

On my zf9 I had really bad Bluetooth delay when using work profile. Literally seconds before my audio would be heard on the other side like calling international but it happened with every call and not a reception issue.Has anyone had this issue with...