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Asus Zenfone 10 transfer between computer and phone android 14 problem

Star III


I need help. After upgrading to android 14 the transfer between computer and phone does not work.

- I used the original cable and other cables it does not help

- I switched on debugging in developer options and it has not helped too

What is the problem with this phone.

Before upgrading the phone connected by every cable and computer without any problems.


Star III

Welcome back. I found a solution to the problems with connecting ZenFone 10 to a computer via USB A. I noticed that after updating to Android 14, ZenFone can only connect via a USB 3.0 up cable. If it is a cable, for example USB A 2.0, it may only be charging. No other changes to the system etc. help anything else. So if anyone has this problem, just change the cable. However, I must admit that I am a bit disappointed with the approach of this company. No one from technical support helped me. I had to figure it out myself. They only recommended resetting the phone. Another thing is that the Asus store is so completely stocked that it's shocking. You can't even buy a regular usb c cable or phone charger. There are no Zenphones in the store either. And I've never seen things like a phone battery. So I wonder what to do when the warranty expires and I would like to replace the battery in my phone. Overall, the phone is great, but what if there are no parts for it on the market and technical support doesn't help. You have to wait a long time for answers and they don't solve any problems. So I'd say it's better to actually buy an iPhone, have support, access to parts, and be able to repair the device yourself because Apple has provided the Apple Self Repair problem. So I regret a bit that I switched from Apple to Asus, unfortunately. And it's not about the phone itself, but about the rest of the things