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Zenfone 10 apps freezing

I got my partner a Zenfone 10 (unlocked version in the US running on T-Mobile) and multiple times a day, apps fail to load and the solution right now is to restart the phone. The most common instance of this is when they switch between email accounts...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Instagram Rear-Facing Camera Bug

I'm experiencing an issue where I'm not able to take (or send) photos taken with the Instagram app using the rear-facing camera.When attempting to take a photo, the app completely freezes, if I repeatedly click the "x" as to cancel the operation it r...

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NikNik by Star II
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Android 14 official release

any news about official release date android 14........The thing with the bootloader seems to have been taken care of.... Asus has just stalled and fooled its users.I learned from another Assus mod that there will be no Unloock tool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

x2u by Rising Star I
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Zenphone 10 Android Auto Issues

Brand new Zenphone 10, Android Auto Wireless disconnects shortly after connecting. Took it back, and received another from the store, has the excact same issue, so appears to be a software issue, and not hardware.Tried setting Android Auto, and all a...

Fluff by Star I
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WiFi issues on Zenfone 10

Does anyone else experience some weird issues while using WiFi on their Zenfone 10s? The internet speed in speedtest.net is great, but for some reason most apps that require a server response (if not all) take forever to load and some are just stuck ...

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Instagram Story Picture Bug

hi there, just like the subject title,im experiencing a bug when taking an instagram story picture with the back camera, it just freeze, video story is normal but picture just keep freezing.no problem with front selfie cam

nezt94 by Star II
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Where to buy a zenfone 10 on Cyber Monday?

Hello everyone!I am from India and I am trying to get the zenfone 10. It has not yet released in India but I have done all the research and it looks like the best phone there is out there. I know there might be some performance issues but which phone...

Camera freezing

Even after software update the camera on my ZenFone 10 keeps occasionally freezing. When that happens it makes the camera unusable.Does anyone else have the same problem? What's the solution? Thank you