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Should I move from Apple to the Zenfone 10?

Im considering upgrading from my iPhone XR to my first Android, the Zenfone 10.I’m going to presume it a yes as I’m in an Android group but hoping for some honest feedback or suggestions.To give some background, I’ve been enjoying the Apple ecosystem...

jumuj8 by Star I
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Zenfone 10 Android 14 audio bug

Hi everyone,I have a Zenfone 10 with Android 14 WW_34.1004.0204.14.I detected a bug: my phone is always set to vibration mode and without ringtone, but if I make a call and activate the speakerphone, the phone automatically switches from vibration mo...

How is the Devil Case on the Zenfone 10?

Hi all. Looking for a case for my Zenfone 10. I saw Asus has its own Devil case. For those who had this case, is it grippy or the side is plastic and therefore very slippery?

sarja80 by Star I
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Resolved! Camera vibration problem

When using the camera, every time the phone is held still, it starts vibrating and starting to make noise. The vibration get stronger to the point that a video starts shaking violently (see example video below), and pictures get the 'blurry' popup wa...

Pixel 3a user concerned about Zenfone 10's Camera

As the title reads, i'm a pixel 3a user, been using it for 4 years, and it has finally neared its end where the battery lasts for a few hours without much use.I've considered the Zenfone 10, and read good reviews about it except for the camera. Did a...

rogen22 by Star I
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Unlock Asus Z10

Hi Everyone! Is there any update on the bootloader unlocking tool yet? I think its an amazing phone but the capability is limited due to Asus lack of support. Once people start working on custom roms and apps for this phone. I am pretty sure we’ll se...

How is your SOT on Zenfone 10?

Saw videos and reviews saying that it is "battery king" and "battery life is not bad". I am coming from the S22 which has really **bleep**ty battery life => I have to carry a power bank in case it dies after work around 6pm. I couldnt pay for taxi on...

Some apps do not load data connected to wifi

Hi,I have a problem with some apps not loading data when connected to wifi until i turn wifi off and on. Examples:- Google translate on other apps. If i select a text and try to translated, the window of google translate remains waiting for the trans...

Da_ny by Star III
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sw bug at fw 33.0220.0220.101

hi, found that can' t see power off menu with "system preferences" set to asus optimizedcan try to tap on display and with luck i can choose reset / off no problem at stock android  

huvi by Star III
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Moderators left you speechless?

No statement yet....its November !!!!!Let lightning strike you moderators when you **bleep**!

x2u by Rising Star I
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