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Cannot view WiFi Password on Zenfone 10

Star I

I have always used Android smartphones.

On all my previous phones, viewing (and sharing) a WiFi password was as simple as going to settings > network > saved networks > share network. A QR code would then pop up, along with the actual WiFi passwod underneath.

I have noticed that this is not available on my Zenfone 10 (the QR code shows up and works, but the WiFi password is not displayed underneath).

Is there a workaround? Is this an Android thing or just an Asus thing?


Star III

Hey, there is a way to show this.

If you go on the "Internet" settings page (long pressing the "Wi-Fi" Quick Settings Icon opens this) and click the settings cog that shows the Network Details with an option to Forget and a QR code but that's it.

If you go to the "Internet" page and instead long press on the WiFi network name it gives an option to "Share". Click this and verify it's you, e.g. via fingerprint, and it will give you a bigger QR code with the password underneath (and a Quick Share button).


Hope this helps!