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Security Updates

Star II

I'm repeating myself after a previous post - why is it so difficult for Asus to keep this phone updated with the latest security updates? 

Again, the last security patches are 3 months old now - if you want an up-to-date phone, don't buy asus!


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The zenfone has never been known for up to date security patches. Just the way they roll.  I knew this going in so wasn't surprised. Pixel is out there for anyone who wants quick up to date security updates.


Hey @hangryhorse,

Can you please mention your device's current FW version?

Also, can you please share the Serial Number of your device?

@Mansi_ASUS- do you not know the "latest" security patch version that Asus provides for their phones? Do you not have a Zenfone laying around?

hangryhorse and myself are both on the latest Asus FW versions and both on now outdated security patch from 5.12.2023

Can you please forward this link to your developers and tell them to check their spam mailbox for emails from

Star II

WW_34.1004.0204.88 with a security patch level of 5 December 2023

I don't want to share my SN here.