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Capture the Christmas Cheer: A Photo Thread

'Tis the season to capture the magic of Christmas through your Zenfone lens! This thread is all about embracing the joy of the holidays with your photography skills. Tips to Make Your Christmas Photos Shine: Lighting: Experiment with the twinkling l...

[ZenFone 10] Join the Android 14 Preview Program

Hi ZenFone 10 users, We will soon have the newest Android system on ZenFone 10. ASUS hereby sincerely invite you to participate in this preview program to experience Android 14! What is the Android Preview Program? Android Preview Program lets users ...

Laura_ASUS by Community Manager
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Zenfone 10 can't connect to UNII-1 (channel 36-48) wifi

Hi,Zenfone 10 can't connect to UNII-1 (channel 36-48) wifi,I live in Indonesia and government allowed those channels,any fix soon asus?Pasal 7 Base Station/Access Point untuk penggunaan indoor sebagaimana dimaksud dalam Pasal 5ayat (2) huruf b dapat ...

Wireless charging Zenfone 10

Hi. I bought Zenfone 10 with inductive charging in mind, but it doesn't work properly. Asus declares 15W charging. But when I try to charge with 4 15W chargers, charging shows 2W, I also bought a Xiaomi 50W charger and charging for about 5 minutes sh...

Kiju by Star II
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Resolved! Mobile data not being used

I have recently bought Zenfone 10, and was using it fine couple of days, while I was at home with wifi. But today I've tried to use mobile data, and it doesn't work. I get the message saying that mobile data is not being used. I have tried to insert ...

Mike5 by Star I
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The problem with the Zenfone 10 camera...

I have some really mixed feelings about the camera on the Zenfone 10. I recently took the phone on my trip and I love to take pictures as memories. So I considered this as the first true test for the Zenfone 10 camera.Let's start by saying that - yes...

Image processing for improvement

I have been trabeling for a week, and i think the camera team really have to make an update for the android 14 updates specially in the camera sector.Maybe need less clarity, more correction in color especiallly in a harsh shadow and light condition....

ray12 by Star II
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Slippery Zenfone 10

Hi all,I like using my Zenphone without a case. I think it gets to bulky with one on.Bit think the sides a very slippery. Is there anything to do about this?I tried some skins from ULTRA skins, but it was like the skins where to small, and the skin c...

freak22 by Star I
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Thinking of getting a ZF10

Hey everyoneI'm in the market for a new phone. Currently have a OnePlus 9 Pro. Not even 2 years old and the charging port is getting trash, need to fiddle before it charges. How's the camera on the ZF10, anyone that has some comparisons with other ph...

imsail by Star I
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Firefox video bug

Since day 1 videos in Firefox don't go so well on the ZF10 when hitting the full screen button. This often crashes the browser and when it's started again the app is only shown on the top half of the screen, as if the entire app has been shifted up. ...

[Zenfone 10] Front camera crashing all the time

Hello, when I open front camera it's working for like 5-6 seconds then it goes black, and occasionally it start working again but only for few seconds. This bug makes front camera completely unusable. Does anyone else experience such issue with Zenfo...

drijan by Star I
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Firmware releases

Hi, Will the .75 update be released as a full firmware?It seems it took less than a week for the .52 update to release as firmware, while the .75 has been an update for weeks without firmware.