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Are small zenfones gone?

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Hello, recently I was thinking about changing my ZF8 to 10 or 11 but the newest Zenfone 11 ultra is huge! Will there be a normal size 11?

I mean, even my Zenfone 8 is big enough to be not that comfortable to use. I would take just ZF10 if it was like 2 or 3 years ahead of full support (by support I mean if something not working properly, compatibility issues occurs, it's fixed), but guess what? Zf 10 is more expensive now than when it was starting and it has probably only 1 year ahead of it. What should I do?


Star III

I have a Z-10 and paid full price for it sometime ago and love it, but I have heard recently that there are much better deals on them on Amazon for new ones and perhaps Swappa for a good used one. You might take a look. I agree the 11 ultra is frickin' way to big for my taste. I'm glad I got a 10 because who knows if a small 11 will be released at some point.  The big downside is security updates are really lagging behind so if that's an issue take a pass and go with something else. 

did you face the same issue like me? I'm having a really bad selfie camera results here, especially when it comes to Whatsapp video call (I didn't try to do a video call in other app). Is there any way to fix it? What should I do..

I just bought the phone yesterday


I have zenfone 8. No, no issues. I guess if this happens only on WhatsApp, You should use Meta or WhatsApp support pages, because they're responsible for errors in this app.

"Meta or Whatsapp support pages" what it means? I don't really understand, sorry