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New Update - 34.1004.0204.120 causing constant reboot with AT&T SIM card inserted

Star III

Installed the update version 34.1004.0204.120 just now and now my phone is constantly rebooting if I have my AT&T SIM card inserted.

If I remove the SIM card everything works, even connecting to WiFi everything works fine. The moment I insert my SIM card back the phone immediately reboots within 15 seconds or so.

Other folks are reporting this issue too on the Zenfone subreddit.

Not sure if it is AT&T specific as someone mentioned with a different SIM card (Tello) everything works fine for them. UPDATE This seems to be confirmed an issue only with AT&T SIM cards.

This is relatively urgent as I completely can't use my phone right now with my usual SIM card inserted (I'm sure as many others as well).

I was on update version 34.1004.0204.88 just before this and everything was working completely fine since day 1 for me so clearly this update caused the issue, this is not a hardware or unique user data issue.

Some additional things I noted - If I insert the SIM card but the phone is in airplane mode then it doesn't cause the issue. If I have no SIM card inserted and use WiFi it also doesn't cause the issue. But if I insert the SIM card in airplane mode AND connect to WiFi then it keeps on restarting again. If I disconnect WiFi and go in airplane mode (with the SIM card inserted) OR remove the SIM card (and connect to WiFi) then it starts to work again. Seems the issue is related when it is trying to connect to the AT&T network directly (via SIM) or connecting to any WiFi network when AT&T SIM card is inserted. Not sure if this issue is an with other carriers as well but this is what I noticed so far.


Accepted Solutions

Star III

After a week of waiting we finally have a resolution to this issue courtesy of update version 34.1004.0204.128 released just now!

I just updated and rebooted my phone and inserted my SIM card and can confirm the bootloop is no longer occuring and all AT&T services are working as expected once again! 🙂

Thanks again everyone for collaborating together on notifying ASUS of this issue for our phones.

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Also on version


My Zenfone 10 has also doing this as of this morning. Mine Automatically updated last night and now reboots several times before getting the screen shown in the photo. I did not factory reset since removing my sim card seems to stop this issue but now I cannot use my phone on AT&T's network.

I too, am experiencing this exact issue. I updated my Zenphone 10 just 30 minutes ago and I was met with the "Can't Load Android System!" screen. I DID NOT factory reset. Instead, I managed to catch the phone in the home screen long enough after unlocking with PIN, to shut it down the normal way. As I was panicking from the constant rebooting it was forcing upon itself.

For what it's worth, I also am a AT&T customer with physical SIM card.

I hope there's a fix to this as I'll be heartbroken if I have to lose my data up October 2023.

Right now, I have it wirelessly charging and I'm going to remove the SIM before I turn it on next time.


Hey @Open1Your1Eyes0 and @determinednoodl,

I have reported the issue to the R&D department. I'll get back to you as soon as I hear from the team.

@Mansi_ASUS - Thank you very much, we look forward to your update.