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Share a photo captured after pressing the lock button twice

Star III


When the zenfone is locked and i want to fastly open the camera i doble press the lock button and take the photo, after that i can view the photo but i do not have the option to share it because the phone has nos been unlocked, so i have to press de lock boton to turn off the screen, turn in on with my fingerprint, go to photos app and share it.

In google pixel and many other phones, when you take the photo in this mode you have the option to share it directly so it will request you in the screen to unlock the phone with the fingerprint and you not have take different paths to share a photo when you open the camera being locked or unlocked, just authenticate if not done before.

So i would like to request this can be implemented in the phone to improve the experience.

Thanks, regards.



Hey @Da_ny,

Thank you for your suggestion. I'll forward it to the R&D department.