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Camera freezing

Even after software update the camera on my ZenFone 10 keeps occasionally freezing. When that happens it makes the camera unusable.Does anyone else have the same problem? What's the solution? Thank you 

Choppy slo-mo mode

The slo-mo mode is quite bad and stutters and is very choppy. Happening across resolutions hd, fhd, 4k and across all fps 120, 240, 480. No idea why it's this bad. Is it the same for everyone else? My OP6 was super nice in taking slo-mo.#zenfone10 #z...

Ompuri by Star I
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Poor call quality

Hello,I have had poor call quality on my Zenfone 10 from the very first days I have owned it. I hear others well but my sound lags a lot when I speak to others. This is especially bad when I am using speaker. When I hold the phone on my ear, the call...

Dynamic and Durable battery mode differences?

Is there any other differences between Dynamic and Durable battery mode other than Durable will keep apps from being awakened when the screen is off to save power so no notifications?Does it not also underclock the CPU or anything like that?

is unlock bootloader tool coming?

quite a lot of time has passed since the promised release date of the unlock tool. is it coming? or does asus disrespect their customers so much as to lie to them and not deliver on their promises?

nyashka by Star I
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Air Bubbles in Top Right Corner of Zenfone 10

I've changed my tempered glass (bought from Amazon) twice now due to air bubbles entering through the top right corner of the phone. Does this happen to you if not what tempered glass do you use?

Stability of mobile Internet in the Czech Republic

The Zenfone 10 is the perfect smartphone for me, but there is a problem with the stability of the mobile Internet. I've already tried two operators O2.cz and Vodafone.cz, the result is the same. Interestingly, when using Vodafone with 5G, the interne...

What I Want to See on Zenfone 11

These are just my thoughts on what Asus can, and needs to improve on to capture larger user base, (including me). Premium looking phone. Bezels and metallic ring around selfie camera are very poor for a 2023 flagship.Unlockable bootloader (I know the...


Anomalia nella funzione gesti :1.C'è un errore di scrittura (schermo spento tocca due volte per sospendere anziché riattivare / schermo acceso tocca due volte per attivare anziché sospendere)  Grazie per l'attenzione    

Not charging battery after shutting down without battery

Hi,I was watching youtube and my phone shutted down, it was out of battery. A message advising this situation would be helpful to avoid it.I connected a charger and turned it on, i continued watching the video and it shutted down again.I waited for 1...

Da_ny by Star III
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