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Where can i manage the background usage limits?

Star I

I just went back to android after some months on iOS and i am currently searching for the "Background usage limits" section on my Zenfone 10. I can't find it.

I feel totally stupid but can please someone point out to me where it is?



Hey @g12erald,

Could you please elaborate on the issue? Are you looking for the background usage limit for the battery or the mobile data or something else?

Rising Star I

Normally on android yo can do 2 things.

First go to apps, then app battery usage and you can change each app to either be Optimized(normal), unrestricted(no battery optimization at all) and Restricted(doesn't allow it to do much in the background)

The other, is to go to settings, info about device and tap on the build number 7 times. This will enable Developer settings. Go back to the main settings menu and find developer options, in there you can modify many more things. Normally almost at the bottom you'll find the Apps section. There you can turn the Don't keep activities toggle that will make each app close as soon as you leave them. You can change the background process limit so only a certain number of apps are running in the background. Standby apps can also help prevent apps from doing too much.

It is a bit more complex than in iOS but it does work quite well.