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Asus is dead ?

Star III

Is there anyone still working in this company ? @eduardo_ASUS @keren_ASUS @Panda_ASUS @STARRAIN_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS @Olivier_ASUS @Anbby_ASUS @Aureliannn_ASUS @Mattias_ASUS @Jiaszzz_ASUS 
@Laura_ASUS @Mansi_ASUS 

Issues piles up and nobody seems to care 🤔


Rising Star I

Let's hope so! I know they were focusing on the ZF9 beta but the ZF10 is about to be 3 months behind on security updates which means for many it will become useless for work/companies here in the States.  (Many companies block android that is more than 90 days behind). Let's hope they release an update with fixes soon 🤞

Star III

It seems ASUS closed down.

I recently contacted support via the online form about an issue I am having. Asus support is now assuming my issue is a result of me updating the phone software directly from the website by downloading the firmware file "WW-34.1004.0204.88, for WW/EU (excluding JP) SKU" ... My brand new out of the box phone came with a WW firmware version, but it was bought in Japan. They assume this is the reason why it now fails "Play Integrity" and "SafetyNet" and for that I cannot use NFC payments.

Asus support now cannot provide me with a working ROM. Japanese support website has no ROMs ... that is why their outsourced support cannot help me. There is simply no connection between Asus and Asus Support. No solutions... Official Asus Support literally sent me back to the shop from where I bought my phone, to get support from there. To get support from a 60 year old phone salesman in a kiosk store.

I will be selling my phone if this is not resolved... I will be spreading the word about poor Asus software handling. Bon voyage Asus.