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Second Space like on Zenui Zenfone 10

I want to buy Zenfone 10 in this month, can anybody confirm that Second Space (xiaomi like) is available in this phone. or maybe multiuser feature. Tks for the info

Resolved! YouTube videos not taking full screen

Hello So I got myself a Zenfone 10 recently and did all the updates as well. When I watch the videos on YouTube they do not take full screen area when playing. Alost 10% on both ends of the screen is black and that leaves very small space of the scre...

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4/5/2024 Security Update already!

I have at times been vocal of Asus, specifically because of lack of updates,  but today I received another update with the April 2024 security update.  Nicely done.  Some consistency would be appreciated but I'm impressed this time around.   Thanks f...

Hello Laura@. Hello Asus.

The desire of any company is to sell more products. For this the product has to attract the customer. The Zenfone 9 and 10 have everything to attract. Compact and good (I have never had problems with Z8 and Z9). There are no other phones with the fea...

Gabrieltg by Rising Star I
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Mobile data unavailable while roaming

The phone's connecting to the mobile network, but mobile data isn't available. First time roaming with the ZenFone 10. It was working fine with my previous phone. I tried resetting the mobile network connection and rebooting the phone, no luck.

Kove by Star I
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Worth buying a Zenfone 10 in the near future?

I'm in the market for a new phone and the Zenfone 10 caught my eye due to its size, battery life, and clean UI. But the and phone already being halfway through its update cycle worries me, along with the high price compared to other options. I would ...

Resolved! Zenfone 10 Warranty Expired

Hello,I have discovered warranty of my Zenfone 10 is "expired." Buying on estore.asus.comDate of purchase: 2024-03-17Warranty InformationStart date: 2023-08-17Valid until: 2023-08-16No support with Phone Call. No support with email.I'm still waiting....

Please allow users to uninstall/disable AudioWizard

Self-explanatory I believe:) There is other software out there (e.g. Wavelet), and it suits many use cases better.Please let your paying customers control what runs on their devices. I know processing can be bypassed, but it's no point for the app to...

gyttja by Star I
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