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Security Updates

I'm repeating myself after a previous post - why is it so difficult for Asus to keep this phone updated with the latest security updates? Again, the last security patches are 3 months old now - if you want an up-to-date phone, don't buy asus!

Google pay issues?

Hello, I recently purchased a ZF10 to move from a pixel. I have had a huge issue with adding my two bank cards from separate banks and seperate card issuers one visa one mastercard to google pay all sorts of things have flagged up and broken ect. Im ...

sawyer8 by Star I
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Zenfone 10 not vibration

Hi. No vibration when answering the call.  All setting are enabled. 

Nick15 by Star II
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Resolved! Zenfone 10 nie mogę włączyć telefonu

Nie mogę włączyć telefonu. Nie działa długie przytrzymanie przycisku. Telefon normalnie działał a gdy chciałem go odblokować zero reakcji. Gdy podłączyłem do ładowania ekran się nie uruchomił ale odczuwalnie plecki są ciepłe czyli prawdopodobnie ładu...

Phone still unlocks in pocket, Support ignores it.

Frustratingly the topic described in https://zentalk.asus.com/t5/zenfone-10/phone-unlocks-in-pocket/m-p/391500#M672 is still not resolved, the support ignores it and the software of this "support forum" does not allow to post into the original thread...

thmsnhl by Star II
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Mushy Power Button

Got a ZF10 the other day and so far enjoying it.I had one small gripe. The power button that doubles as a fingerprint scanner.It's very mushy and doesn't stick out at all. Hard to easily find it when unlocking the phone.Is this just my unit or is thi...

bankone by Star I
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Are Zenfone's USB copy speeds 2.0?

HelloI was burned by Asus in the ROG phone 3, but the market is so **bleep**, I am willing to give the Zenfone a shot.Just 1 question; On gsmarena, it states that the Zenfone has USB 2.0 data transfer speeds. Is this true? Can someone confirm or test...

darabpe by Star I
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Zenfone 10 speaker audio disappears after Bluetooth connection

I have a problem with my Zenfone 10 that occurs daily at least once, but not every single time in a similar situation.After I stop a Bluetooth connection to my headphones, audio stops working completely through phone speaker or any other Bluetooth de...