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Unpin old forum posts

Hello moderators, could you unpin the Christmas photo and Android 14 posts in this forum? Both events are long past. 

zenfone 10 cameras

hi guys, just got a zenfone 10, and the selfie camera is so bad, other things about the phone are nice, but the selfie camera is very bad, it doesn't look like a camera that should be on a phone that costs $650 usd , I have an s9 and I love the selfi...

Always on screen is updated with icon notifications only each 60s

Hi,I have seen that "always on screen" is not updated when notifications arrives. I was getting crazy when i heard the sound of a new notification, then I check the screen to see what application it cames from and i see there is no notification, then...

Da_ny by Star III
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Bluetooth audio problems

#zenfone10I hope I'm not the only one with this problem.I have the Zenfone 10 and I love the device, it's amazing but I've been having an issue with Bluetooth headphones.The device is in my pants or jacket pocket and it has unstable connectivity, the...

Asus is dead ?

Is there anyone still working in this company ? @eduardo_ASUS @keren_ASUS @Panda_ASUS @STARRAIN_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS @Olivier_ASUS @Anbby_ASUS @Aureliannn_ASUS @Mattias_ASUS @Jiaszzz_ASUS @Laura_ASUS @Mansi_ASUS Issues piles up and nobody seems to care

Are there stocks available for Z10 on Amazon US?

I am trying to buy a new Z10 to replace my aging Pixel 4a. It seems like my order has no movement. Is it backordered? I don't see anything about backordered, but I hope I can get it soon.

Resolved! [ZenFone 10] Introduction of Screen lock function

This is still missing the feature of remaining on the lock screen until you make a gesture (such as swipe).Current: Biometrics unlock phone and take you immediately to home screenRequested: Biometrics unlock phone but you remain on lock screen until ...

Phone overheating with wireless charging

For the z10 issue I'm noticing is if I let it charge wirelessly overnight it's still very hot in the morning even if it hit 100% hours ago. Any way to get it to stop charging when it's at 100? Seems like there's still current running when there shoul...

warawn2 by Star I
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video call camera issue

low quality and low resolution camera when whatsapp video call. i use zenfone 10 with android 14. clear whatsapp cache and clean cache systemwide still have low quality camera. how to fix this??

hanrey by Star I
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